Walkability within the Santa Clarita Communities

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One of the things I love about the Santa Clarita Valley is the “walk score” regarding homes and housing.

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The walk score is a dynamic which came about a couple of years ago giving a property a “score”. The score is higher when the property is closer to services and entertainment. Look at it like how “walker friendly” is the home, pertaining to where it is located.

I walk every morning. I should be more honest and stay I just started walking every day again. Today, as of the date of this article, is day 4. I go for a little over an hour. Somewhere between 3.5 and 3.7 miles.

I do clockwise circles and counter clockwise circles depending on my mood. I leave my home very early, 0520-0530 so I can clear my mind for the day. I focus on today only. I am only interest in the present moment. I do my best not to think about the past nor the future. The past I cannot do anything about and the future is not promised to anyone.

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So, a large part of my power walk has to do with being in the NOW. And meditating on that! The Present. Now is the time. Not tomorrow, not yesterday – but today. I’m a big believer in only being able to do something about the very moment I’m in.

Due to the recentness of me starting to walk again, I’m not going incredibly fast. As always when I haven’t worked out in a while, the soreness comes. Shin splints and aches/pains. Today I did 100 pushups on bus benches as I rounded Newhall Ranch Road to McBean Parkway. I typically take the path which goes by the auto dealerships in downtown Valencia.

Walking owed to Ogden and Perdomo.

Today my route took me north. I went from Newhall Ranch Road to Northbound on McBean. Then I went Eastbound on Decoro to South Bound on Hillsborough Parkway back to Newhall Ranch Road and home. The climb was harder than expected. And the downhill on Hillsborough Parkway should prove to make me a bit sorer tomorrow đŸ™‚

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